旅遊資訊 旅遊英文教學:旅遊必備的常用英文懶人包



旅遊,可以讓人放鬆身心、增長見識、心情愉悅。可是,只會Yes、No,怎麼出國遊?不用擔心,Skyscanner專程為不懂英文的你準了旅遊懶人會話包,只要記下這些,在國外機場、購物、換匯、用餐、問路、住宿、拍照,So easy!



常用單詞 翻譯 常用單詞 翻譯
Domestic Airport 國內機場 International Airport 國際機場
Domestic Flights 國內航班 International Flights 國際航班
Departures 出站(出港、離開) Arrivals 進站(進港、到達)
Information Desk 詢問處 Airport Terminal 機場候機樓
Check – in 登機手續辦理 Boarding Pass/Card 登機牌
Transfer Passengers 中轉旅客 Goods To Declare 報關物品
Departure Time 起飛時間 Delayed 延誤
Passport 護照 Visa 簽證
Luggage Tag 行李標簽 Baggage Claim Area 行李領取處
Declaration Form 申報單 Connecting Flight / Transfer Flight 轉機航班
First-Class 頭等艙 Economic Class 經濟艙


  1. Do you know where the check in counter is?(你知道值機櫃台在哪裡嗎?)

  2. Can I have a window seat,please?(可以給我一個靠窗的位子嗎?)

  3. I would like to check in my luggage.(我想要托運行李。)

  4. Is my flight on time?(我的飛機會准點起飛嗎?)

  5. Excuse me, where is the information desk?(請問詢問處在哪裡?)

  6. When does the flight begin boarding?(這班飛機幾點登機?)

  7. Where is the transfer counter?(轉機櫃台在哪裡?)

  8. Which gate do I need to board from?(我應該在幾號登機口登機?)

  9. Here is my passport.(這是我的護照。)

  10. Can I take this through security?(這個可以通過安檢嗎?)




單詞 翻譯 單詞 翻譯
go shopping 買東西 shopping center 購物中心
department store 百貨商店 children’s goods store 兒童用品商店
counter 櫃檯 stall/stand 售貨攤
show window 櫥窗 show case 玻璃櫃檯
shelf 貨架 cash desk 收銀台
price tag 價簽 discount 打折扣
change 零錢 keep the bill 留發票
wrap up 包裝 free of charge 不收費
deliver out of stock/sold out 售完
salesman/shop assistant 售貨員 imitation 仿製品
genuine 真的 fake 假的
haberdashery 男士服飾用品 dry goods 服飾
cosmetics 化妝用品 confectionery 糕點糖果
jewelry 珠寶 ornaments 裝飾品


  1. What size, please?(請問這個多大碼?)

  2. The fit isn’t good. (尺寸不合適。)

  3. his is a good fit.(這件很合適。)

  4. It’s too big / small. (太大/小了。)

  5. Can I have a size larger?(可以給我一個大一點的嗎?)

  6. I’ll take this.(我要這個。)

  7. want a pair of shoes.(我想買一雙鞋。)

  8. Would you show me this cup?(可以讓我看看這個杯子嗎?)

  9. Is this on sale?(這個物品有特價嗎?)

  10. Is this a discounted item?(這是特價商品嗎?)

  11. Excuse me. Is there any discount on shoes?(請問,鞋現在打折嗎?)

  12. Is there any promotion coming up?(最近有什麼優惠活動嗎?)

  13. How about a discount?(打個折吧?)

  14. It’s too expensive. Give me a better discount.(太貴了,便宜一點吧!)

  15. Thank you but I’m just looking around.(謝謝,可是我只是看看。)




單詞 翻譯 單詞 翻譯
cash 現金 currency 貨幣
exchange rate 匯率 traveler’s checks 旅行支票
denomination 面額 small change 零錢


  1. Could you tell me what the exchange rate for XX?(請問一下現在的貨幣匯率是多少?)

  2. Where can I change money?(我能在哪裡換錢)

  3. Can you change this into dollars?(能將這些外幣兌換成美金嗎?)

  4. I’d like some small change.(我想換些零錢。)

  5. Where is the ATM?(哪裡有取款機)

  6. Could you tell me what the exchange rate for the Euro?(請問現在的歐元匯率是多少?)

  7. Could I have a receipt,please?(可以開收據嗎?)



單詞 翻譯 單詞 翻譯
milk 牛奶 chips 炸薯條
crisp /td>

炸土豆片 vegetable 蔬菜
fruit 水果 snack 點心/小吃
entree 正餐 dessert 甜點
soup diet 食譜
glass 玻璃杯 knife
spoon fork
table 桌子 bowl
menu 菜單 restaurant 餐廳
sandwich 三明治 pancake 薄煎餅
hamburg 漢堡 pie 餡餅
bread 麵包 Pizza 披薩


  1. May I order,please?(我可以點餐了嗎?)

  2. May I have a menu,please?(請給我菜單。)

  3. What is the specialty of the house?(餐廳最特別的菜式是什麼?)

  4. Do you have today’s special?(餐廳有今日特餐嗎?)

  5. Can I have the same dish as that?(我可以點與那份相同的餐嗎?)

  6. I’d like appetizers and meat /fish dish. (我想要一份開胃菜與排餐/魚餐)。

  7. Do you have a table for two right now?(請問現在有兩人座位嗎?)

  8. I have a reservation at 18:30.(我今天晚上6:30有訂位。)

  9. May we have a table by the window, please?(可以給我們一個靠窗的桌子嗎?)

  10. I’d like to have some local food.(我想嘗試一下當地的美食。)




單詞 翻譯 單詞 翻譯
East South
West 西 North
Left Right
Front Back
next 緊挨著 Side 旁邊
Before 之前 After 之後
Straight on 往前直走 First left/right 第一個左轉/右轉的路
way 方向 get to 到達
turn cross road 十字路口
go ahead / along 一直走 to the end 走到盡頭


  1. Excuse me,can you tell me the way to the hospital?(打擾一下,請問醫院怎麼走?)

  2. Excuse me,could you tell me how to get to the bus station?(請問汽車站怎麼走?)

  3. I’m trying to find the post office.Could you help me?(我想去郵局,你能幫我嗎?)

  4. Excuse me,is this the right way to the department store?(打擾一下,這是去商店的路嗎?)

  5. Would you mind showing me how to get to the hotel?(你能告我怎麼去酒店嗎?)

  6. Can you tell me the restaurant’s address?(你能告訴我這家餐館的地址嗎?)

  7. How long will it take me to get there?(到那需要多長時間?)

  8. Is there a public toilet nearby?(請問附近有沒有公共衛生間?)



單詞 翻譯 單詞 翻譯
雙人房 double room 三人房 triple room
四人房 family room 單人間 single room.
房價 room rates 預訂 reserve / book
退房 check out 酒店 hotel


  1. I’d like to make a reservation for one night on the 1st of May.(我要預訂五月一號一晚房間。)

  2. What are the room rates?(請問房價是多少?)

  3. I’d like to check out and finalize my bill.(我要退房和結賬。)

  4. How much is a family room for a night?(請問家庭房一晚多少錢呢?)

  5. Is breakfast included in the room price?(請問房價有包含早餐嗎?)

  6. I’d like to reserve a room of one / a single room.(我想要預訂一間單人房。)

  7. I’d like to ask for the laundry service.(麻煩幫我把衣服拿去洗一下。)

  8. I’d like to have myroom cleaned. Would you please send a maid here right now?(麻煩讓服務員幫我打掃一下房間,好嗎?)

  9. I world like to have a morning call / wake-up call at 7:00 in the morning.(我想要早上7點的起床叫醒電話。)

  10. Does the room have Wifi access?(房間有Wifi嗎?)




單詞 翻譯 單詞 翻譯
拍照 take a picture 照片 photo
攝影師 photographer. 相機 camera


  1. Excuse me, could you help us take a picture?(不好意思,可以幫我們拍張照嗎?)

  2. Could you take a picture of me with the __?(可以幫我跟某景點合照嗎?)

  3. Could you turn it the other way around?(可以把相機轉直/橫拍嗎?)

  4. Sorry, but I just blinked… can you take another one, please?(不好意思,我剛剛眨眼了,能再幫我拍一張嗎?)

  5. That’s a good one! Thank you for the help!(這張拍得好好,謝謝!)

  6. Do you want me to take one for you as well?(要不要我也幫你拍一張?)







旅行先要學會的常用英語 (餐廳篇)